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I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if only we will tune in. - George Washington Carver

Meet Patricia

Patricia Pepe is an award winning quilt and fabric artist and the creator of the X-Blocks rotary cutting tool. This exciting technique creates many different designs from simple blocks or strips and makes spectacular quilts that look complex but are amazingly quick and easy! Patricia also designed a line of X-Blocks patterns to be used with the tool, and thus her business, Quilt Queen Designs was born.

Award-Winning Designer: Before X-Blocks, Patricia Pepe designed award-winning, intricately pieced and appliqued quilts, using traditional blocks and techniques in non-traditional ways. Her quilts have received awards at many local, national and international quilting events and have appeared in many quilt publications. Stop by the Gallery for a peek at her work. Patricia is passionate about fabric, color and design, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Believing her creativity and talents are gifts from God, she strives to use them in ways that reflect her faith and give glory to her Creator.

She has been teaching professionally since 1994.  Much of the enjoyment she receives in the quilting world is meeting all the friendly and generous people when she presents one of her lectures or workshops.  Patricia loves to travel and is available for classes, workshops, retreats and lectures.