X-Blocks Lectures and Trunk Shows

Patricia is available for workshops and lectures or to demonstrate her X-Blocks technique at guild meetings, quilt shows and quilt shops. Her entertaining and informative lectures include an extensive trunk show. All classes, workshops, retreats and lectures can be tailored to meet your group’s specific requirements. Contact Patricia for booking details.

Meet the Queen

1 hour presentation
'Quilt Queen' Patricia entertains you with X-Blocks adventure tales while showing her inspiring collection of quilts. She demonstrates how the X-Blocks tool, color and value placement combine to create new designs from otherwise 'ho-hum' blocks. This is a lighthearted introduction to the X-Blocks and an excellent lecture to combine with any X-Blocks class. Tool not required for lecture.

Buried Treasures

1 hour presentation
Find those hidden gems that are buried somewhere in your stash! This lecture provides a reason and an excuse for that huge “fabric collection”. Patricia offers ideas on how to incorporate many different fabrics into your quilts, including those “ugly old things” at the bottom of the heap...and at the bottom of your closet. Expect to be astonished.

Tales From the Light Side

1 hour presentation
An entertaining presentation that takes you on the incredible journey, from beginning to completion, of Patricia's Best of Show quilt: Into His Light. This will answer the oft' asked question, “How Long Did That Take You?” and includes her amazing account of sewing, unsewing, hand quilting, un-quilting and her unusual 'garden hose' technique that brought her to the spectacular finish. But is it really finished??


Traveling X-Blocks:

Samples of your favorite quilts are often available for demonstration purposes. Contact Patricia to arrange a trunk show for your next event.